Kauri Bowl for Dylan

The boys bought me some pieces of wood for my birthday last year, with the request that I make bowls for them!  Dylan picked out a piece of kauri.  It’s not the best wood for turning bowls, as it seems subject to some tear-out, kind of like sycamore.  This piece also cracked when I reverse-chucked it to run the bottom.  Reverse chucking is when you put the bowl back on the lathe, only held on by its rim.  Dylan’s bowl kept slipping, so I kept tightening the chuck jaws and then it cracked.  Oops!  I then tried to fix it with some CA (cyanoacrylate) glue.  Unfortunately, the CA glue darkened all the wood it came in contact with!  At any rate, Dylan doesn’t seem to mind–he kind of likes the smooth dark spot on the bowl.

Kauri bowl 2 small

Kauri bowl 3 small

Bottom view:

Kauri bowl 4 small

Dylan is using the bowl in his kitchen…as a bed for his monkey!

Kauri bowl with moneky 2 small

Kauri bowl with moneky 1 small

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