Claro Walnut Burl Vessel

A gift for my wonderful wife, Santina: a vessel/bowl made out of claro walnut burl.  Finish is acrylic.

The wood I used was a piece of claro walnut burl that Santina picked out herself.  Like most turning blocks, it was not completely dried.  Even after very rough turning and air drying for a long time (over a year), the piece of wood still held some surprises.  After I got to the finished shape and sanded a bit, I brought the vessel inside to sort of let it rest for a few days.  Within hours some of the cracks had gotten bigger and some new ones had appeared!  Fortunately it was the checks and cracks in the wood that Santina liked in the first place.

This piece was the first time I heavily used my hollowing tool (Easy Hollower 3).  The transition from finishing tool to hollowing tool was a little challenging–I guess that’s why Easy Tools makes two other hollowing tools!  Still, the vessel turned out well (no pun intended).  🙂

Walnut vessel 5 small

Walnut vessel 6 small

Walnut vessel 8 small

To give you an idea as to this size of the vessel, here I am holding it:

Walnut vessel 3 small

Top views:

Walnut vessel 11 small Walnut vessel 2 small

And now upside-down:

Walnut vessel 12 small

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