Bread Cutting Board

This is a cutting board for bread I made for my dad for his birthday in 2008.  Yes, this is the one that I finished in April, a bit after his January birthday.

The base is birch, with bloodwood splines in the corners.  The removable cutting surface is maple and bloodwood.  The entire piece is finished with butcher block oil.







2 responses to “Bread Cutting Board

  1. Paul Pickering

    Hi Wayne,

    I came over to look at photos of Dylan (excellent!) and moved onto the woodworking area. I realise you have other priorities right now (and rightly so!) but when you have a moment, a question:

    I am not familiar with the bread cutting board style with the parallel cutouts in it. What is the function?

    I like the section – nice to see!



  2. Wayne Pitcher

    The cutouts are to let the crumbs fall through! They get caught in the bottom part and you can shake them out easily into the trash. 🙂

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