Here you can find pictures and descriptions of my woodworking projects.

Built-in Bookshelves, North Andover House  2005

Knife Holder  2007

Bread Cutting Board  2008

Box for Lydia  2008

Shelving Unit for Dylan’s Room 2009


Staved Vessel

Paper Towel Holder

Bowl for Mom

Salt Shaker and Pepper Mill for In-Laws

Staved Vessel for Aunt Rory

Sharpening Jigs

Candle Holders for Maria

Satinwood Bowl for Mom

Olivewood Pestle

Walnut Peppermill and Salt Shaker

Sycamore Bowl

Satinwood Peppermill and Salt Shaker

Bocote Peppermill

Lacewood Bowl for Jonah

Kauri Bowl for Dylan

Claro Walnut Burl Vessel

Big Leaf Maple Burl Box

Guitar Stand

Lathe Tool Rack

Box for Uncle Richard

Walnut Bowl for Aunt Bea

Olivewood Peppermill

Olivewood Bowl

Walnut Marble Game Board

Family Room Shelves Before and After (Castro Valley 2017)

Maple Vase

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