A Toast to M and her Wayne

There’s nothing like writing with a deadline to clarify the mind,
just like there’s nothing like a little sister to push my buttons and get to my goats.
I would say that it’s not worth fretting over,
today is your day, and every day from here on out.
I could tell stories about you and me, I could repeat all our inside jokes, but I won’t.
Instead I’ll just ask you to remember how,
when I went on more than some, more than most, you listened,
and when it was dark I built a light for you.
Well, you have your own light now,
someone you didn’t need to go to the train station and ask for
two to Duluth to find,
someone who will peel your grapes.
I used to think that everyone should have a Nantucket,
only now it seems that everyone has a Wayne.

©2012 Wayne Pitcher

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