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A quick thought for today:

I’ve been listening to a CD of Foo Fighters songs I made from itunes, and I misheard part of Times Like These, resulting in the following mondegreen:

…I’m a streetlight shaman…

The actual line is:

…I’m a streetlight shinin’…

A mondegreen is, of course, a misheard or misinterpreted song lyric (or line in a poem).  I like my version of that Foo Fighters line better.  It doesn’t make much sense, but I like it better.  I also like the following line:

…plowman dig my herb…

better than the original:

…plowman dig my earth…

That’s from Bob Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower, also covered by Jimi Hendrix.  The Hendrix version is a little less intelligible, hence what I heard.

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Quick Update

I’m back from Nantucket, but before I continue with real blogging, I wanted to mention a new feature I’ve added to the Chemist and Poet blog: you can now receive blog updates (i.e. feeds) via email!  Just click on the link on the top of the sidebar on the right…and enjoy!

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Call me Dr. P

I’m Dr. Wayne Pitcher, Chemist and Poet. Welcome to my blog. After talking about it, thinking about it, and having numerous friends suggest I do it, I am now blogging. I intend to use this space for random musings…well, maybe not so random. I have a lot of interests, from poetry to baseball to science to music to philosophy. And some areas in between. And some beyond. Of course, you may also find news and updates about my family here. Mostly I want to write and hopefully have someone read it.

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