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Bowls for Boys

For my birthday last year, Jonah and Dylan gave me some pieces of wood (which they picked themselves) with the stipulation that I make bowls for them.  Here is the result.

Bowls for boys small

Dylan’s bowl is on the left and Jonah’s bowl is on the right.  Dylan found a use for his bowl in his kitchen…as a bed for his monkey:

Kauri bowl with moneky 2 small

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Little League Summary/Update

I know Jonah’s Little League season ended a couple of months ago, but I wanted to post a season update/summary, even if it is a bit late.  At least I have a good excuse–we bought a house (some details here at Santina’s blog)!  Here’s the Castro Valley Little League Minor B Yankees update:

  • Jonah rocks!  Seriously, he has a left-handed swing reminiscent of Will Clark’s.
  • We’re not supposed to keep track of standings, but the Yankees finished with an 11-7 record—they actually played more games than any other team (18 out of 19), due to rainouts and our coach (coach Sparky) being really enthusiastic about scheduling make-up games.
  • I was the team scorekeeper, and even ended up keeping score for the All-Star game.  Man, scorekeeping involves paying very close attention to the game.  It would have helped if there was more training—I was fortunate that I knew how to keep score, even if I’d never scored a game before.  Next year I’ll try to organize some better scorekeeper training.
  • Team hitting—good; pitching—good; running—OK; fielding—could use a little work.
  • Jonah was one of three players on his team to hit a home run.  Did I mention he rocks?
  • Jonah had two saves (no one else on the team had any).  He pretty much channeled his inner Brian Wilson (that’s the currently injured Giants’ closer, not the Beach Boys musician)—none of the saves was straightforward.  Still, Jonah rocks!
  • Jonah was responsible for two of the three caught stealing plays his team made—one as second baseman tagging out the runner, and the other as catcher throwing out the runner at third base!
  • Oh yeah, I ended up umpiring (behind the plate!) for three of Jonah’s games.  During one of those games Jonah’s teammate Daniel was pitching and was throwing hard but was a bit out of the strike zone.  At the minor B level the catchers don’t always catch the ball, so I ended up getting hit by quite a few pitches.  At one point the opposing manager yelled out, “Ump, take your base!”
  • Jonah finished the season as the team’s best hitter.  His best friend Arinjay finished as the team’s best pitcher.  Both were no-brainer selections for the All-Star game.
  • In the All-Star game the American League (Jonah’s team) beat the National League 13-3 (or was it 13-4?).  Jonah went 2 for 2 with a walk, two doubles, and 4 runs batted in.  He also pitched the final out of the game.
  • Jonah also won the home run derby, 7-8 year-old division!  By the way, Jonah rocks!
  • All in all it was a great season.  Jonah did really well, which is awesome, but more importantly he had a lot of fun playing baseball this season.  Coach Sparky had a lot of positive energy—at times practices were tiring for the parents helping out, but the kids loved it.  We’re going to do everything we can to get Jonah on Sparky’s minor A team next year!

    Jonah “the Natural” at bat.

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Jonah the chemist?

When my mother-in-law was visiting a few weeks ago I was called upon to explain the difference between saturated fats, unsaturated fats, and trans fats.  Being a chemistry professor, I borrowed Jonah’s easel, which has a dry erase board.  I proceeded to explain to my mother-in-law the differences in chemical structure between the various fats.  Of course I drew structures that looked something like this:

fatty acid

And I explained what the various letters and lines represented.

Later that day, Santina showed me a picture she had taken of Jonah drawing at his easel:



My son, the junior chemist!

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Jonah stories

A couple of stories about my son, Jonah:

About six weeks ago I had the transmission replaced in my car (so much for German engineering–the reliability of BMW’s is a topic of a future post) and borrowed my parents’ 1989 Toyota Cressida. Some of you may remember that car–quite nice in its day (sort of a proto-Lexus), but it’s almost 20 years old now and getting a little long in the tooth. At any rate, the driver’s-side sun visor tends to squeak loudly when moved. One day, when I was taking Jonah to preschool, I went to move the visor and warned him that it might squeak. It didn’t and I made some comment like, “That’s interesting, it didn’t squeak.” Jonah said. “That’s because the sun was shining on it.” I told him I didn’t think the sun would make it not squeak, and then he said, “When you move it fast it squeaks and when you move it slow it doesn’t.” So I tried it. Indeed, moving the visor fast made the loud squeak and moving it slow didn’t!

Holy crap! My 4-year-old son is a budding scientist! I gave him a high-five and a fist-bump for making such an astute observation.

Just last weekend Jonah, Santina, Rory, Papa, and I walked to downtown San Mateo. Like most parents with young kids, Santina and I will spell words that we don’t want Jonah to understand. On our walk Jonah said something about being hungry and Santina told me we didn’t have and S-N-A-C-K-S. Jonah asked “What did you spell, Mommy?” And Santina said, “What do you think I spelled?” To which Jonah replied, “Snacks!”

Holy crap! My son is spelling! We’re in trouble now…

Through all of this I could not be more proud of my little guy.

More Jonah stories later.

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