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Bowls for Boys

For my birthday last year, Jonah and Dylan gave me some pieces of wood (which they picked themselves) with the stipulation that I make bowls for them.  Here is the result.

Bowls for boys small

Dylan’s bowl is on the left and Jonah’s bowl is on the right.  Dylan found a use for his bowl in his kitchen…as a bed for his monkey:

Kauri bowl with moneky 2 small

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The Big Cat Theory

There are many times when my son Dylan (now close to four months old) is cranky and will not be consoled by rocking, bouncing, or holding while I am sitting down with him (actually it happens with any adult, not just me).  He fusses and fusses unless I walk around the house with him.  If he does calm down while I’m standing and holding him, he starts to fuss soon after I sit down.  As you can imagine, this is rather tiring and frustrating.

The thing is, I remember Jonah showing similar behavior at a young age.  Jonah wasn’t as fussy as Dylan, but the trait of increased fussiness when I would sit down while holding him was there.

So I have this theory.  OK, it’s a bit far-fetched and rather silly, but it helps me not get as fed up with the little guy.  I call it the Big Cat Theory.

Some reflexes in infants are remnants from earlier in human evolution.  The grasp reflex may be left over from our primate ancestors–infants then needed to grab on tight to their mothers (or mothers’ fur).  I propose that the “fussing when the person holding him sits down” behavior Dylan shows is an evolutionary remnant as well.

Millions of years ago, our primate ancestors roamed the plains of Africa and were sometimes preyed upon by big cats (lions, leopards, etc.).  Stopping to rest for a few minutes had the potential to be deadly, as you never knew where a big cat could be waiting to pounce.  Obviously, infants who were docile and let their parents sit down with them fell prey (along with their parents) to the big cats.  Infants who fussed and kept their parents moving survived.  So Dylan’s fussing to keep me walking behavior is left over from avoiding being eaten by big cats millions of years ago.

That’s the Big Cat Theory.  I keep telling Dylan that there are no big cats in our house, but I don’t think he believes me.  Santina doesn’t think my theory holds water.  But even if it doesn’t, it still keeps my spirits up when Dylan is keeping me from sitting down.



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Newer Dylan Pics






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Santina, Jonah, and I have a new addition to our family.  Dyaln Andrew Pitcher was born via c-section on March 23, 2009 at 7:20 PM (Pacific Time).  He weighed 6 lbs. and was 18.5 inches long at birth.  Baby and mommy are doing great.  Dylan spent some time in the NICU working on his breathing and being fed through an I.V., but he never needed additional oxygen and is now eating regularly.  Santina will be coming home tomorrow (Firday, 3/27) and we hope Dylan will be coming home then too.

Thank you to everyone who has sent us congratualtions.  I have posted some pictures below:






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