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Olivewood Projects

I added pics of two olivewood projects I finished back in the Fall for Santina.  One is an olivewood bowl (see also my previous post–I meant to create a page but I was working on my ipad instead of my desktop so it ended up being a post instead).  The other is an olivewood peppermill.

IMG_0078 IMG_0087

Olivewood is a nice wood to work with, though with its own challenges.  It is very wet.  I mean VERY WET.  Most exotic woods are sold green (wet) and coated in wax.  As a wood turner you would scrape off the wax and then rough turn the piece to the desired rough shape.  Then you would let the piece dry and only then would you turn it to the final shape and finish it.  The drying process can take months, especially for a wet wood like olivewood.  How wet is olivewood?  Well, when I turned the green pieces of olivewood to make the bowl and peppermill, I had a constant spray of water coming off the piece as I shaped it on the lathe!  But olivewood does cut smoothly and is pretty close-grained.  It also has beautiful figure.  Plus the garage (where my shop is) smelled like olive oil for a while afterward!  🙂

I do have another bowl-sized piece of olivewood, so there will be another olivewood project in my future!

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Olivewood bowl

An olivewood bowl for Santina.  I turned the bottom a little too thin–if you hold it up to a bright light you can almost see through it!



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