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Another week, another woodworking update…

My latest woodworking update: 2 pieces for my wonderful wife, Santina.  The first is a vessel/bowl made from claro walnut burl.  The second is a box (with lid) made from big leaf maple burl.  Burls are pretty cool.  As long as you’re careful when turning (there are more than a few cracks/gaps in burls), the swirling grain patterns are worth it.  Here are two pictures–or go directly to the walnut vessel or the maple box.

Walnut vessel 6 small

Maple Burl Box 1 small

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Bowls for Boys

For my birthday last year, Jonah and Dylan gave me some pieces of wood (which they picked themselves) with the stipulation that I make bowls for them.  Here is the result.

Bowls for boys small

Dylan’s bowl is on the left and Jonah’s bowl is on the right.  Dylan found a use for his bowl in his kitchen…as a bed for his monkey:

Kauri bowl with moneky 2 small

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The Wood Poem

Since I’ve been posting a lot of woodworking updates, I thought I’d post a poem I wrote about wood.  Actually, it’s a list poem, so the names of the woods themselves form the bulk of the poem.  It’s best read aloud, but then again, most poetry is.

Let me start with cocobolo,
heft some rosewood,
jobillo, ebony—macassar and gaboon.
Let me smell the pungent walnut
released after deep boring.
Stand back for western red cedar,
for bloodwood, for paduak.
Ironwood, lignum vitae, hornbeam—
all too heavy for me.
From holly to poplar to sycamore to oak,
some sound like they belong.
Others—iroko, ipe, lyptus—
must be from far-off lands.
Try the exotics, the tropical woods.
Come back briefly
for big leaf maple burl,
but remember,
always end with

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