Dr. Pitcher tells you how to vote some more

Welcome to part 2 of my “how to vote” blog posts.  I left two voting items off my last post, plus I have more to say about Mitt Romney.  Let’s start with the other stuff…

California Congressional District 15: Eric Swalwell

Swalwell’s opponent, Pete Stark, is lying about him big-time (See sfgate’s recommendation of Swalwell here).  Stark is also 81 years old—I think someone new and younger (Swalwell is 31) will better represent my concerns and needs.

Chabot-Las Positas Area Measure I: Yes

This measure is for a parcel tax to help fund the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District.  It’s not a lot of money ($28 per parcel), and it would help the district in which I work a lot.

And now for Romney…

I have more reasons not to vote for Mitt Romney.  For one, he lies more than Obama does.  That is not to say Obama doesn’t lie or say misleading things—I think it’s natural for anyone trying to get re-elected to bend the truth, use cherry-picked statistics, and resort to logical fallacies.  I’m not saying it’s good, I’m just saying it’s natural.  But Romney does it more frequently and more blatantly than Obama.  So that’s another strike against the man.

More importantly, Romney stands for something that I find personally wrong, and that hurts friends of mine: he is against marriage equality—he has signed a statement against same-sex marriage.  Why should I vote for someone who won’t let a good number of my friends marry who they want?  A person should be able to choose who he or she wants to spend the rest of his or her life with.  And I refuse to support anyone who wants to legislate that away.


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2 responses to “Dr. Pitcher tells you how to vote some more

  1. Susan Woodmansee

    Even though I wasn’t voting in CA, I enjoyed reading your blog posts about the election. It’s nice to hear reasonable discussion and for you to be willing to be open about what’s important to you.

  2. Yes I WILL have Mo’bama! and perhaps more importantly, money for my local colleges. Thank you, electorate!

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