Jonah stories

A couple of stories about my son, Jonah:

About six weeks ago I had the transmission replaced in my car (so much for German engineering–the reliability of BMW’s is a topic of a future post) and borrowed my parents’ 1989 Toyota Cressida. Some of you may remember that car–quite nice in its day (sort of a proto-Lexus), but it’s almost 20 years old now and getting a little long in the tooth. At any rate, the driver’s-side sun visor tends to squeak loudly when moved. One day, when I was taking Jonah to preschool, I went to move the visor and warned him that it might squeak. It didn’t and I made some comment like, “That’s interesting, it didn’t squeak.” Jonah said. “That’s because the sun was shining on it.” I told him I didn’t think the sun would make it not squeak, and then he said, “When you move it fast it squeaks and when you move it slow it doesn’t.” So I tried it. Indeed, moving the visor fast made the loud squeak and moving it slow didn’t!

Holy crap! My 4-year-old son is a budding scientist! I gave him a high-five and a fist-bump for making such an astute observation.

Just last weekend Jonah, Santina, Rory, Papa, and I walked to downtown San Mateo. Like most parents with young kids, Santina and I will spell words that we don’t want Jonah to understand. On our walk Jonah said something about being hungry and Santina told me we didn’t have and S-N-A-C-K-S. Jonah asked “What did you spell, Mommy?” And Santina said, “What do you think I spelled?” To which Jonah replied, “Snacks!”

Holy crap! My son is spelling! We’re in trouble now…

Through all of this I could not be more proud of my little guy.

More Jonah stories later.

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  1. That’s a good picture. Looking a lot like Santina right now!

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