The poem that started it all

There is a reason someone once called me “Wayne Pitcher, Chemist and Poet.” I’ve been writing poetry since my senior year in high school. Here’s “the poem that started it all”:

Bury the Ghost

Dig the grave
Deeper and deeper.
Bury the ghost,
I’m not its keeper.

Pile the dirt
Higher and higher.
Burn her letters,
Fuel for the fire.

Forget the memories,
Forget them longer.
No longer weak,
Be strong, be stronger.

Learn form the past,
Learn quicker and quicker.
Build those walls
Thicker and thicker.

No. Tear them down,
Bricks by the stack.
For I got the monkey
Off my back!

I know, I know, it rhymes. Hey it was my first “real” poem, so cut me some slack.

I’ll post my poetry (both old and new) periodically.

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